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Laser Hair Removal is an FDA approved treatment giving a long-term hair reduction of up to 90%.

We are specialists in affordable medical grade laser hair removal that provides long lasting results. Our industry leading laser is the world's fastest, blended laser using unique mixed technology to target the hair in unwanted areas. You can expect to see the best results with a course of treatments after which the hair will have been reduced dramatically and the skin left silky smooth.
We only treat clients 18 years or older, this is because hormonal changes before this age may mean that your hair will still come back even after treatment.

You can have laser hair removal whilst breastfeeding, the only area we don’t advise treatment on is around the nipple area, however all other body areas are fine to treat.

If you are pregnant, we cannot treat you for laser hair removal. This is because of the lack of information about the effect on the foetus, and yours and your baby’s safety is our key concern.

If you have keloid scars, or a predisposition to keloid scarring, we would assess the areas to be treated on a case by case basis. Keloid scars are a type of a scar that could be either red of purely white as a normal scar. This type of scar extends the original size of the wound, meaning that it expands the size of the injury.

You may experience some reddening of the skin around where the hair used to be, which could last from a few minutes to 24 or 48 hours. For two days after each treatment, avoid exposure to the sun and don’t use the gym, saunas, steam rooms etc.

We have the safest and most effective lasers which allow us to treat all skin types.

Our lasers treat the area with a cooling jet of air to keep you feeling comfortable during your laser hair removal treatments. We can apply a local anaesthetic to the area if needed; however, you will get an idea of how the treatment feels during the initial test patch. If you are used to waxing, laser hair removal is often described as less painful.

If it is under a year since you have been all clear, you cannot have laser hair removal. If you have been clear for one to three years, you will need a letter from your specialist for us to pass on to our Medical Director for review. Unfortunately, if you have had any lymph nodes removed from under your arms or breasts, you can’t have laser hair removal under your arms, even if you are all clear.

Laser hair removal requires a short-term commitment to achieve long-term results.

Results are not instantaneous but once your treatments have been completed, you won’t have to think about regular hair removal again.


Some of the most common questions you may have about laser hair removal.

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